Enter your pickup & drop off address and passenger information

  • We currently only service Melbourne CBD to Melbourne Airport & vice versa. However, you can get in touch with us for a custom booking quote.
  • Each booking must have at least one Adult Passenger. You can select up to nine passengers in total (Adults and Children).
  • Children occupying a seat pay the rate as adult passengers.
  • Toddlers under 3 years are not counted as an 'individual passenger'.
  • Toddler bookings are for children aged 3 years and under. Toddlers travel for FREE & do not occupy a seat. Should a seat be required, please book an additional seat.

Choose your booking type & enter flight details and luggage information

  • First, choose whether you would like to make a one way booking or a return booking.
  • Ensure to provide correct flight details.
  • Please let us know how much luggage you will be bringing along for this trip.

Select Bus Time

  • Select the time for pick up.
  • Ensure to allow sufficient time for your flights. You should select the time aiming to be at the airport three hours prior to your scheduled flight for international & two hours for domestic.
  • If there are any other special requests, let us know in the area provided.

Booking Details

  • Review your booking details.
  • Add in your primary contact ensuring that all mandatory fields are filled in accurately.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Please go though our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy agreement and "accept" them before proceeding further.

Checkout using Credit Card

  • Once you "Submit" the booking form, your payment is processed securely by eWay.
  • Once the transaction has been approved, you will be redirected to our website's confirmation page.


  • We will send you a confirmation on completion of the approved transaction.
  • You can rest easy knowing you have made the right choice.
  • Thank you for choosing Stream Shuttle.
  • Door-to-door service
  • No changing of vehicles enroute
  • 1 Suitcase not exceeding 32 kgs included
  • 1 carry on not exceeding 7 kgs /passenger
  • Only $5 for any additional luggage
  • Operating daily: 24 hours
  • We accept all Major Credit Cards
  • Rates are inclusive of Australian taxes.
  • *Terms and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions, please refer to our website.
  • *Timetables may be subject to alterations without notice.
  • *Average trip times are 45 minutes subject to traffic conditions. Please allow additional time during peak hours.
  • *No refund on cancellations under 48 hours.

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